Sealed the Mysterious Benefactor in the Well, created the clues leading to the tomb


Originally a scribe to the Emperor himself, Verian was born and raised in the city of Alcarosh. After the loss of the city, he was an original member of the Cult of the Last Witness. He met the witness personally and was one of the first to discover that the blood of the witness could prevent the destruction of written history when the Blood Scroll was accidentally created.

When the Benefactor began to slowly take over the cult, Verian became concerned. After the Witness’s death, he became the leader of the “Open Eyes” and hid the location of the tomb from the Benefactor and his followers. In the final battle at the Well of the Schism, he sealed the Benefactor in a prison of words along with the only record of the tomb’s location.

Fleeing back to his home in Alcarosh, he lived the rest of his life shielding his family from the Cult and believed that the City should be lost for all time. In his final year of life, his devotion to knowledge and truth finally over came his fear. He traveled the lands around Alcarosh and planted a series of clues and riddles that would guide the worthy to the Well of the Schism and the location of the Tomb.

On his deathbed, he entrusted the enchanted page of his journal to his son. “A day will come when a group of adventurers will come to you. They will ask you about Scribetongue. They will speak of a riddle. If you judge them just, give them this page and tell them all that you know. Pass this to your son, to his son, and onward until that day arrives.” His son passed it to his son and that man, Marius, gave the page to the party when they arrived in his shop.

“The things I have seen… I beg for you to turn back, abandon the city to the ages. But the truth must be known, knowledge cannot be destroyed or lost. If you must, continue forth. But know that the creature trapped here seeks only the death and destruction of all things.” – Verian’s Message at the Well of the Schism


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